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Producent: J. Püchner
J. Püchner
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Bassoon bocal traditional bend

Striving to offer the discerning bassoonist the optimal crook for every situation, we combine variations of bore, taper, material and thickness. Püchner bocals therefore give subtle variants with regarding resistance, response – ease of attack, tone and colour/timbre.

We also offer Püchner crooks in a straight bend. All crooks are manufactured without a solder line and thus of highest quality and endurance. 

Püchner bassoon bocals are available in the lengths 0, 1, 2 and 3.
More resistance and dark in tone

CAn easy speaking all-round bocal
BDCDThin-walled, German silver, silver plated
BBCBThick-walled, Brass, silver plated
BCCCThick-walled, German silver, silver plated
BC-XLCC-XLExtra-thick-walled, German silver, silver plated
BSCSThick-walled, Sterling silver 935, silver plated

Bassoon bocal straight bend